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AEE AP10 Drone Quadcopter Aircraft System with Integrated 16MP FPV Camera Review

The AEE AP10 Quadcopter allows you to have the best experience in flying Quadcopters while at the same time having a blast with video and picture recording. Its high capacity 5300 mAh Lithium battery gives you a staggering 25 minutes of excellent flying time. Professional videos as well as great pictures are also within your reach with its integrated 16-megapixel (for pictures) and 1080-pixel (for videos) Full High Definition camera. Its tilt is remotely controlled from your Radio Transmitter via the tilt control lever. This craft can also stream live video feed back to its pilot for that perfect shot. The Wi-Fi range repeater and extender as well as the AEE Aerial Photo App are available as free downloads for iOS & Android Operating Systems.

It also has a GPS-Based Autopilot control with a Return-to-Home capability. Regarding speed, this drone can reach up to fifty five miles per hour and can climb altitudes of almost 5000 feet. Remarkable, isn’t it? This is way beyond what other quadcopters can do within its price range. Make sure, however, to comply with existing Local and FAA flight Regulations.

This is an amazing machine! It has the abilities of drones that are twice its price. Among its huge advantages over others is the fact that it comes from a camera manufacturing company. True to the company that created it, mounted under its stable frame is a High Definition camera complete with zoom lens. This zoom function is absent in other drones, and it can be controlled by your phone.



With a very long flight time and far-reaching capability (it can reach higher than a 150-story-high building and can reach almost a quarter of a mile away), this baby is almost impossible to beat. Its quality speaks for itself as well, considering that the company which makes it also manufactures military grade UAV units as well. But with all the punch that this drone promises to deliver, it is nevertheless relatively easy to use. It even comes with a helpful, competent and pleasant customer service to boot. Try to look up videos from users over at the internet, especially on YouTube to see how much enjoyment you can derive from this drone.

A bit of a warning may be in order here, though. The range and altitude that this drone is capable of is far beyond what other drones are capable of. Thus, for those who are used to piloting cheaper drones that have a more limited range in terms of distance and height, be forewarned that they may overreach themselves with this unit. It flies extremely fast and extremely high. You may find yourself crashing it due to a sudden overwhelming loss of control. You may even lose it if you are not mindful of its range capabilities. Note that it has all the capabilities of cheaper drones and more, and you may thus expect all their features with this baby, albeit at a higher quality.

Customer Review:

“Okay read the details, this is an amazing drone with capabilities of drones twice the price. The huge advantage this has over the others is its made by a camera company, and mounted under this stable machine is a fantastic HD camera with a zoom lens! You can control the zoom with your phone! 20 minutes of flight time and a range of 1500 feet, that’s like a 150 story building. Seriously look up their website, they make military grade UAV’s too. this is a serious drone that’s easy to fly. They have a pleasant and helpful customer service here in America. Obviously I’m a fan”
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