Creative Ways you can Use Drones for Personal Videos

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are becoming one of the most useful tools for information gathering nowadays, what with their user-friendly design and high quality performance. Try googling “Drones” and you will be overwhelmed with the seemingly endless possible ways which you can use drones. You might even be directed to YouTube, where a lot of videos or short films were made using drone technology. Creating videos do not have to be only for professionals. When you have the right tools and the right determination, you are sure to have a great time taking moving images for personal use. People are becoming inventive in using this technology. The use of drones, however, has certain limitations that you have to take into consideration, so be sure to review them too.

To help you with some ideas on how to use drones for personal videos, take a look at the suggestions below.

Surfing Videos

Make insanely great surfing videos – that will go viral or to record your achievements. Drones and extreme sports lovers can be a great pair for this matter. As you see, the only way for others to see you ride those big beautiful waves is to use a drone when surfing. Aside from your equipment, you will also need a friend who is good at surfing and knowledgeable about drones and how to operate one.

Aerial Videos

Take good aerial footages of your family gathering to make it more memorable. Use a drone to record an important event with your family. Capturing wonderful aerial videos will be considered a wonderful gift that you can show to your kids and other relatives.

Videos of your Pet

Record a video of your journey with your lovable pet. Some may call it boring but if you are a pet lover and consider him a friend who stays with you through thick and thin, a drone can be a good companion to help you take good shots with your pet.

Shooting your Wedding

A very touching move you can make during anyone’s wedding day (or any celebration, for that matter), would be to make sure that you keep the event well documented. In place of traditional cameras, what better way to do this than through the drone technology? Drones, such as DJI’s Spreading Wings S1000, are specifically designed for professional cinematography. This reliable flying robot will help you get a good view of everyone’s heads, foreheads and hairstyles by hovering around recording everyone’s faces. It is perfectly portable too, so you can put it inside your bag when going somewhere.

Shoot a Mini Film with a Drone

Shooting a mini film for fun. In fact, drones are commonly used in filmmaking too. Why not create a mini film to practice your filmmaking skills?

Using drones these days can be as fun and fulfilling as you want it to be. With these various ways to capture precious moments, you’ll definitely have the best experience – all with the help of a cool drone.

Tour your House and your Neighbourhood.

Who says touring your neighborhood has to be on foot? Using even a low cost drone, you can sit in your balcony and let your unmanned helicopter do the touring for you! Quadcopters or Octocopters carry cameras that can capture high definition images (which you can later turn into 3D panoramic views) or videos (which you can turn into a short film later on). Finding things hidden from your view below will also be achieved using drones. If you want your copter to go in some specific places (such as somebody’s kitchen), just make sure that there is enough ambient noise to drown your drone’s buzzing sound.

Survey your Environment.

If you are staying in a place that is prone to danger, then taking videos for security purposes would be best done using drones. Because of their relatively small sizes and ability to fly in and out of narrow spaces, you can take a good look on what is happening around. You might even be able to alert people in cases of fire or other natural or man-made tragedies.


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