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DBPOWER Hawkeye II FPV Review

The DBPOWER Hawkeye II FPV is absolutely excellent and perfect for beginner/entry level drone enthusiasts or flyers. Millions of drone/quadcopter enthusiasts have found this model to be entertaining and fun, getting the kids to part with their mobile devices and even from the TV, for hours of fun play. The unit comes with a welcome guide and teaching video, and is accompanied by a friendly customer service.

This drone is extremely user-friendly, with three different speed modes to cater to users with various experience levels. The mode switch has low, medium, and high settings. A simple tap of the button enables it to fly more gingerly and slowly, to enable an inexperienced user to figure out its controls and get a feel for the drone. Advanced users, on the other hand, can put it on agile or super fast flying mode.




The highly detailed and clear instruction manual makes it easier for users to get acquainted with its features and operation. One user thinks that this drone is primarily intended for indoor flying, although its actual range reaches up to 25-30 meters.

Users are generally impressed with its flying camera. Its WiFi image transmission distance is 20 meters, and it is capable of 640×480-pixel video resolution with a 480P cam that can record and take many pictures as it flies. These photographs can be stored on any mobile device. This drone provides the user with an unprecedented photographic and video experience – an entirely new perspective of looking down from the sky. Its remote transmitter is mounted to allow the user to have a live, first person point of view while flying the drone (known as FPV). This means that you can see what the drone sees. You can also monitor its video in real time directly from your phone.

Regarding flight, the DBPOWER Hawkeye II’s 2.4G transmitter enables it to be controlled easily and perform different movements, which include 360-degree flips. It is capable of forward and backward movements, as well as up and down, left and right, and hovering and sideward flight. It can also fly when thrown by hand. It is capable of flying in the dark, thanks to the four LED night lights installed on it.

It has four motor drivers and a six-axis gyro, which guarantee precise positioning and a stable flight. It has durable blades equipped with protective guard made of ABS, to protect the unit should it crash to the ground.


There are two ways to control this drone: using the radio control transmitter and viewing it via the phone, using its app, and; controlling and viewing the drone directly on the phone using WiFi control. To download the app, you may go to Google App Store and search and install “CX-WIFIUFO.”

The drone’s flying time is 5-8 minutes if it has been previously fully charged for 90 minutes. The aircraft is powered by one rechargeable 700 mAh 3.7-volt Li-Po battery included with the package. The transmitter, on the other hand, runs on four AA batteries (not included). It also comes with one transmitter, one USB charging cable, one WiFi receiver, and one screwdriver. The unit is also equipped with four extra propellers in case the remote control goes beyond its range, and to compensate for inevitable accidents.

Customer Review:

“This Quadcopter is perfect for beginners especially given the price, it’s durable and only takes a few flights for a very beginner to get the hang of.

The camera quality is very good especially considering it is a live feed! The grip holding your phone in place on the stand-alone remote holds firmly and is adjustable allowing almost any size phone to fit into place perfectly. The battery life on this copter is something amazing in itself, it operates the motors, the camera, and a mini wifi hotspot used to connect to the drone with your phone and still offers a 15-30 min battery life depending on how hard you push it. I have another smaller quad that lasts only half the time this unit does.

The drone offers three methods of control allowing you to control it with the included remote, the standalone iphone/android app, or a combination of both using your phone as a screen for the live camera and the remote as the controls. All of these methods work very well.”


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