DJI S1000 Spreading Wings Premium Octocopter Drone for Aerial Photography UAV Product Review

DJI spreads its wings higher with one of its newest innovation, Spreading Wings S1000. This specially designed unmanned aircraft is perfect for professional aerial photography and cinematography. Being a product of DJI, it is a product known for its superb performance.

DJI S1000 is an octo-rotor unmanned aircraft that is very portable and convenient to use. Even with little space, you will have no problem storing it, as its 8 arms are perfectly foldable. Despite its portability, the arms are still prone to scratches, so these should be handled with care. Even with the loss of a rotor, S1000 can still fly smoothly because it has flight controllers like A2.

It is lighter compared to previous models developed by DJI, although during take-off, S1000 can carry approximately 6-11 kgs. Like the other aircraft models developed by DJI, S1000 is stable and safe. It has a retractable landing gear that is made of carbon fiber, making sure that it has a light weight. It’s gimbals are also mounted low for a wider angle when it takes photos and it only takes about 5 minutes to set everything up before flying, but has a flight time of 15 minutes (depending on batteries used). The battery has also been incorporated into the gimbals to reduce vibration while on the air. All in all, this product offers a lot of advanced features that makes it a great buy.

In terms of image and video quality, S1000 addresses common concerns such as blurry or low-quality shots. It is very compatible with DJI’s Zenmuse gimbal range and Canon DSLR cameras, so partnering S1000 with any of these is certain to produce high definition videos and images. Since it is designed for professional photography and cinematography, its price ranges from $2000-$6,500, although prices vary from dealer to dealer, which makes this product was created with the needs of professionals in the mind of the creators or those who are seriously taking drone flying as their hobby.

As for the flying itself, every arm of Spreading Wings S1000 is equipped with speed controller that keeps it very still while flying, while still being easy to rotate or maneuver. In terms of power distribution, S1000 uses a cable connector which DJI patented themselves and integrated into the aircraft’s center frame, making it easier to install. There is no need for soldering.

When you order this product, you will need to assemble the aircraft first. This is easy to do, however, because the box comes with easy to do instructions to do this. You will simply have to connect the landing gear by connecting a few tubes and attaching the 8 arms of the Octocopter. Once you’ve done these, you are ready to fly your drone.

  • Portable and light aircraft design
  • Powerful cameras which provide high quality images and videos
  • Stability and Safety

  • Octocopter arms are prone to scratches
  • Price range is quite high


8.8 Total Score

DJI S1000 Spreading Wings Premium Octocopter Drone delivers when it comes to quality of images and videos. It has superb design which addresses any concerns customers might have on its durability and safety.

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