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Drones for Beginners: How to Build Your Own Quadcopter (Course Review)

This course is a step-by-step, pre-packaged guide to building your own drone copter. It is taught by Mohiudin Malik, a technology enthusiast with a degree in robotics and who specializes in electronics. He believes in a Do-It-Yourself lifestyle, and his mission is to provide high quality and user-friendly how-to courses.

This course has 26 lectures and two hours of video instruction with the beginner in mind. It is taught in English, and registrants get lifetime access to the material. The course is available on Android and iOS, and a certificate of completion is awarded upon finishing the course.

Drones for beginners : How to build your own quadcopter

A pre-packaged, step by step guide to understanding and building your very own drone.

The course offers a step-by-step guide to understanding & building drones. It will take individuals who have little or no experience with radio controlled flying drones and transform them into people who fully understand the concepts involved in building ready-to-fly quadcopters from scratch.

This course teaches you how to build a Racer-Quad-type copter. The cost of materials is around 200 pounds, including the radio system as well as the Quadcopter. The concepts learned may be applied to all classes of Quadcopters, as well as other multi-copters like Hexacopters. The course may be completed for as short as one day or as long as the student likes.

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The course completely explains the theoretical foundation of building a quadcopter, then demonstrates how to build it in a manner that can be easily understood. This course gives you a quicker way of understanding the topic, instead of poring over endless instructional videos and forums that usually only waste your time.

The first requirement of the course is an unbridled enthusiasm towards building your very own flying quadcopter from scratch. You would need to buy a quadcopter kit; alternately, you may also buy its various parts separately – the course provides you a list of the needed parts. You should also have a basic knowledge of electronics, including practical knowledge in soldering iron, and you also need a working knowledge on how to use basic tools effectively, such as pliers and wire strippers.

In this course, you will learn how to build & fly your own Quadcopter from scratch. You will understand the concepts involved in radio-controlled flying. You will also learn the theory behind the working mechanisms of Quadcopters, and get to know the various Quadcopter components and their different functions.

The target audience of this course are beginners, who have little or no experience in operating Radio Controlled models. Prior knowledge is not required. If you are well experienced in flying and building Quadcopters, then the course may not be suitable for you.

Drones for beginners : How to build your own quadcopter

A pre-packaged, step by step guide to understanding and building your very own drone.

The 26 lectures included in this course are divided into four sections. Section 1 discusses the purpose of this course, as well as its length and content. It also discusses the pros and cons of buying versus building.

Section 2 deals with basic information. These include parts; suppliers; classes of multi-copters; quadcopter definition; history of quadcopters; terms; safety tips; and needed tools. Section 3 delves into greater detail regarding quadcopter parts. It contains lectures 13 to 23.

Lecture 13 discusses the quadcopter’s skeleton, particularly the arms and frames. Lecture 14 is all about frames or the build of a quadcopter. Lecture 15 discusses radio control motor basics used in setting up. Lecture 16 shows you how to attach the motors to the quadcopter frame. Lecture 17 teaches you how to choose the right propellers for your quadcopter, and lecture 18 is about batteries and speed controllers, teaching you how to buy batteries and ESCs.

Lecture 19 explains flight controller basics, including what flight controllers are, what their functions are and a guide on how to buy them. Lecture 20 describes the process of getting your Naze 32 ready. It teaches you how to solder; how to attach your flight controller to the quadcopter frame; how to attach the speed controllers to your flight controller; and how to attach the radio receiver to your flight controller. Lecture 21 teaches you how to buy the radio system (i.e., receivers and transmitters) for the quadcopter. Lectures 22 and 23 discuss the flight controller setup. They show you how your Naze 32 flight controller should be connected, installed, and configured.

Section 4 includes lectures 24 to 26. It involves maintenance, first flight tips and other recommendations.

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Past students have found this course to be quite good, especially for beginners who do not have prior knowledge regarding multi-copters. It is therefore worth looking into. Register today for a risk-free with a 30-day money back guarantee trial!

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