Top 10 Commercial Drone Manufacturers in the World

1. DJI Innovations


phantom-4-quadcopterCurrently topping the charts as regards manufacturing of drones, DJI Innovations has their headquarters in Shenzhen, China. The popular drone creators produce the drone brands known as the phantom series. Their products are targeted at professionals as well as drone enthusiasts. The finest ready-to-fly quadcopters with authorized video functions are the Phantom 3 brands. Another wonderful product from the top drone manufacturer is the Phantom 2 which is quite sensational when connected to a GoPro camera. Recent drones released by DJI Innovations is called the DJI Phantom 4.

2. 3D Robotics



Founded by Chris Anderson who is also the founder of (acknowledged as an exceptional resource for aerial craft and quadcopter information), 3D Robotics has its base in Berkeley, California, while they create quadcopters out of Tijuana, Mexico. Their engineering arm is located at San Diego. 3D Robotics is popular due to the drone model IRIS Plus as well as the 3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter, the world’s first and leading smart drone. They are known for producing independent drones equipped with GPS in addition with other prominent features.

3. Blade


This company gained popularity with their drone brand, the Blade range of Quadcopters. They manufacture drones that boast of some highly superior features called SAFE which makes the flying of the machines safer and unproblematic. Blade is based in Champaign, Illinois and is owned by Horizon Hobby. A great quadcopter for newbies or beginners is the Blade Nano QX, which is the most recent model from the company.

4. Hubsan


The Hubsan X4 models have made the Hubsan one of the most sought-after quadcopter companies in Doug, China and beyond. They became household names with their Hubsan X4 H107C and the Hubsan H107D FPV X4 Mini RTF Quadcopters and others. There are new Hubsan Plus models that are on offer also.

5. Parrot


parrot-droneThis French company, which has its headquarters in Paris, was formerly known for their expertise in wireless devices made for cell phones and for vehicles fitted with Bluetooth hands free equipment. Parrot shocked the drone hobbyist market when they launched their special brand, the AR.Drone and later hit the market again with a second AR.Drone 2.0, which can be controlled via a smartphone application. They have recently released the latest quadcopter known as Bebop Drone which is equipped with a lot of high-tech features.

6. Walkera


walkera-droneWalkera is a drone maker that has its own class of drone prototypes. With its drone plant situated at Guangzhou City, China, Walkera markets its Walkera QRX350 and LadyBird V2 Mini Quadcopter. The organization has begun to put more focus on advanced models such as the Walkera Voyager 3.

7. Syma


Syma Toys is famous for its helicopters that are remotely controlled, but they have begun cutting their teeth in the drone industry with the well-liked Syma X11 mini quadcopters as well as the Syma X5C-1 Explorer 2015 Version drone which has a 6-Axiz Gyro system. You can get information on the latest model called the Syma X5SW Plus Quadcopter Drone with WiFi FPV Camera on their site.


8. JJRC Toy Company


JJRC were formerly known to be manufacturers of toy guns, robots and radio-controlled vehicles. They manufactured the H6CAuto Return RC Quadcopter with 2.0MP Camera as well as the JJRC H26D 3MP HD Headless Mode One Key Return RC Quadcopter Drone.

9. UDI RC Toy


This company is also a new entrant into the quadcopter industry. Based in China, they manufacture popular drone models such as the UDI U840 Mini Nano RC Quadcopter and other latest drone brands.

10. WLToys


This company which is also based in China produces the V262 Cyclone UFO Quadcopter and the V686 Camera Quadcopter. You can get details on the new UAV that has now been released, known as the Q242G Mini FPV with 2.0MP Camera.

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