Top 5 Drone Courses in Udemy

The world is moving at a fast speed, with everything changing quickly to make sure that they stay with the times and the interest of the general public. In a world that is governed by short attention spans, doing this is critical to survival. So, it makes sense that drone courses are now a thing to know about. They are at the edge of technology as it is developing, and satisfy the curiosity of technology lovers of all ages and interests. They bridge the gap between old and new technology, and are getting a lot of attention. If you, yourself are interested, take a look at the top drone courses in Udemy you can take.

1. Stunning Aerial Videography and Photography Using Drones

Stunning Aerial Videography and Photography Using Drone

This is a great option to start you off on the right foot. Affordable for anyone who is interested in taking their drone fascination seriously, you can get a great educational introduction to drones and how to make the most of the tools that they come with. This course emphasizes the videography of the system and how to use the drone itself to capture those “once in a lifetime” shots that are going to make you proud every time you look at them.

With 6 hours of footage, and 77 individual lectures with tips and pointers, you can be on your way to making great shots pretty soon. Many students in the past have found this course to be very useful as in introduction into the world of drones and their constantly evolving technology. This is best used by those who have already a quadcopter that they understand have hooked up with the newest technology.

2. Become a Master Drone Pilot in 2 Weeks and Start a Business

Become a Master Drone Pilot in 2 Weeks and Start a Business

Perfect for those that are looking to use their drones purely for business purposes, this course is a great one to consider if you are ready o take the leap into how modern technology can get you the career of your dreams. There’s no question that everyone and his dog can get out there with a half-decent drone and take some photos, but in order to make it work, you have to have some seriously professional training in how to get the business end of drones to work for you.

As far as specifics go, this is a great surveyor’s course, where you can look at everything from using the camera properly, to how to edit the photos and videos with a professional attitude, so that you can have a slight introduction into every part of using a drone. This would serve you as a great way to see if drones are really what you want to focus on in your career.

3. Drones: How to Tell Aerial Stories

Drones: how to tell aerial stories

This is the perfect example of how technology (and drones) are moving with the times. This is a brand new course that will enable the student to understand what to do with all of the footage that they get from their drone. After all, it’s all well and good to have the footage and the skills to edit it, even, but what’s the point in all of that if you aren’t going to make the footage mean something?

This course specializes and trains its students in how to make a story from the photos or videos that are captured during the drone’s air time. They are taught how footage should all come together at the end of a project so that everyone understands the purpose, and how it was achieved from the footage collection that the videographer has at hand. This is great for those who are looking to take drone life (and jobs) very seriously.

4. Quadcopter Basics: Learn About Drone Parts and How They Work

Quadcopter basics:Learn about drone parts and how they work

No matter how much you may wan to avoid the topic while you’re thinking and planning for the future, you have to understand that the key to having a great career with drones in knowing them inside and out. You need to know every little thing about them the same way a car mechanic knows everything there is to know about cars. It’s important to make sure that this knowledge is clear and known from the start, so that the drone usage is better and smarter for the student. This course takes the nitty gritty and makes it entertaining enough so that students come out of the class feeling like they are ready to take on whatever the drone throws at them. Knowledge is power, after all. While you may not think that knowing every little thing about drones is important, it is in the long run, when you need to understand the inner mechanics in order to make the most of the results that come out the other side.

5. Drone Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to DJI Drones

Drone Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to DJI Drones

Last but not least, there is the idea that you need to take a look at the high tech specs of the drone in order to make the most of it. This is an example of a class that is right on the breaking edge of drone technology. It is specific to a phantom or inspire drone, but it’ll teach you the basics from the ground, up (pun intended). If you want one specific to those kinds of drones, this is a great course to consider. It’ll offer all of the specific basics you need to make the most our of your drone and all of its features that are waiting to be used.

So, there you have it: the top five courses that are going to help you make your drone your new best friend and partner in a world that is all about technology. Sure to help you get off on the right foot, these five Udemy courses are perfectly created and accessible for anyone who is searching for professional guides in all of the right places for drone usage. As you have seen, they’ve got everything covered.

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